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X-ray diffraction facilities at the University of Leeds

X-Ray Diffraction

The University of Leeds hosts a wide range of X-ray diffractometers across many departments. These include powder XRD and single crystal diffractometers, and offer temperature control, thin films etc.

Astbury Centre Macromolecular Crystallography Unit
This facility was established with support from The Wellcome Trust, BBSRC and the University of Leeds and aims to provide research groups within the University of Leeds and outside access to the latest in-house X-ray diffraction instrument and to the national synchrotron research facility at the Diamond Light Source. 

The Unit houses a Rigaku Micromax-007HF rotating anode generator with Raxis4++ detector and Oxford Instruments liquid nitrogen cryostream.

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School of Chemistry Structural Determination Facility
The School of Chemistry is currently purchasing a new single crystal diffractometer to replace its existing Bruker X8 single crystal diffractometer.  Trained users may collect and solve their own data, and we offer two levels of service: data collection only; or data collection with structure solution and refinement.

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School of Earth and Environment Powder X-Ray Diffraction Facility
The XRD/XRF Laboratory located in the Earth and Environment Building, University of Leeds provides specialist services to University staff as well as external academic and corporate customers. A diffractometer is also available with a low/high humidity temperature stage.

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School of Engineering Powder X-Ray Diffraction Facility
The Institute of Materials Research (IMR) XRD Facility uses Philips/PanAlytical and Siemens Diffractometers and software along with the latest ICDD database. Typical applications are qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, high-resolution studies, crystal structure analysis, stress and texture analysis, reflectometry and temperature and atmosphere controlled studies.