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Positions available

Positions are available for both PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers across the Leeds Centre for Crystallization.

PhD students

PhD studentships are available for talented individuals to work in all areas of research related to crystallization. We aim to recruit outstanding research students and to train them to internationally competitive standards.  The Leeds Centre for Crystallization provides an environment which unites academic staff working in interdisciplinary research areas relevant to crystallization across different faculties and departments at the University of Leeds. Research projects are led by internationally-leading researchers in purpose-built research laboratories which provide access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

PhD students receive both training-through-research and generic skills training offered through a programme of taught courses. Research training is provided within the framework of the individual project, supported by tuition in areas such as scientific writing, the use of IT, and safety regulations. All students also take part in a programme of generic skills training either locally or via the University's Staff and Departmental Developmental Unit (SDDU). This provides training in areas including Information Skills, Research Methodology, Ethics, Communication and Writing Skills, Interpersonal Skills and Personal Effectiveness. All PhD students will also have the opportunity to present their work at national and international conferences.

Positions available
A wide range of positions are available with academic staff from across the University. Some of these may be fully sponsored by industry, while CASE awards provide joint funding from research councils and industry. These projects typically focus on a specific industrial project, and may incorporate a period spent with the industrial supervisor. Some PhD studentships are also available which are funded by research councils, the European Union or by research charities.

A range of available PhD studentships are advertised here. Please also contact individual supervisors for more information.

› Chemical records of early Earth evolution: Trace-element scavenging by iron minerals in banded iron formations

› Computer modeling of normal and aberrant self-assembly in biological systems

› Controlled fabrication of magnetic nanoparticle arrays using nanopatterned templating biomineralisation proteins

› Controls on the concentration of sulphate in complex natural carbonates

› Green approaches to nanostructured materials

› How do Arctic soils form? Linking bulk and molecular scale mineralogical and geochemical processes

› Material selection for erosion-corrosion in oil and gas 

› The seeds of ice in clouds

Postdoctoral research

Our academic staff frequently have postdoctoral positions available, some of which are advertised here. Please also contact individual supervisors directly if you are interested in carrying out postdoctoral work in their research group.

› Project title: Hard-soft interfaces - from understanding to engineering