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Project title: Hard-soft interfaces - from understanding to engineering

Supervisor: Professor Fiona Meldrum (School of Chemistry)

This position is part of a £6.14 million ESPRC Programme Grant awarded to a team of researchers located in the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield, York, Warwick and Cambridge, and will also be supported by a number of international collaborations. The team comprises both experimentalists and modellers, who will work in close collaboration. You will work under the direction of Professor Fiona Meldrum and will collaborate with other members of the team, and in particular Dr Roland Kröger at the neighbouring University of York.

You will investigate how the formation of hard materials can be directed by soft matter, and will take an experimental approach to investigate crystallisation at organic matrices and in the presence of soluble organic molecules. A range of systems will be investigated, and in all cases, experimental work will be carried out in parallel with theoretical studies carried out by other team members. Crystallisation at self-assembled monolayers will be studied to characterise the interface between the crystal and organic substrate while crystals will be precipitated in the presence of a range of organic additives and the incorporation of additives within the lattice structure of the crystal investigated. Finally, you will investigate aggregation-based mechanisms of crystal growth with the ultimate goal of developing strategic syntheses of nanomaterials using a combination of theory and experiment.

You will have postgraduate experience in materials chemistry and/or crystallisation, and experience in related characterisation techniques is essential. You will also have a PhD (or close to obtaining) in a related subject.

Further Information can be obtained from Fiona Meldrum